Rockport Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of our new entry level loudspeaker, the Atria. The Atria is essentially a smaller version of our acclaimed Avior loudspeaker, and is remarkably similar in its design and execution.

Like the Avior, the Atria uses our newest generation of completely custom, carbon fiber sandwich composite cone drivers designed and developed from the ground up by Rockport Technologies.

Both the bass driver and midrange driver utilize a revolutionary new carbon fiber fabric in their cone construction that further increases the stiffness/weight ratio of the cones, ensuring pure pistonic behavior throughout their entire operating range.


The mid-range and bass drivers also feature newly designed cone profiles as well as state of the art, ultra-linear, high-power motor systems. The result is vanishingly low distortion, incomparable resolution, and enormous dynamic range.

Like the Avior, high frequencies are handled by Scanspeak’s incomparable beryllium dome tweeter.


The Atria’s triple laminated, constrained mode damped enclosure boasts a solid 4 inch thick front baffle and variable section thickness (up to 2 1/2 inches thick), curved side panels which not only create an elegant form, but also endow the enclosure with immense stiffness and minimum resonant signature.

The Atria’s enclosure also features large sweeping chambers and ever changing baffle dimensions that virtually eliminate diffraction anomalies. Visually stunning, the Atria’s raked back form and high gloss piano black finish are commensurate with its remarkable sound.


One of the most important design considerations for the Atria was that it would play music with a far greater sense of scale and ease than one would ever expect for a loudspeaker of this size.

We’re extremely pleased that we’ve met or exceeded all of the design goals for the Atria, and it has essentially the same transparency, texture, and most importantly, the same life that defines the Avior.

The Atria also has nearly the same bass extension as the Avior, yet was designed to work well in smaller rooms. Make no mistake however, this is a lionhearted speaker that surprises on every level.


Woofers 9” carbon fiber sandwich composite

Midrange 6” carbon fiber sandwich composite

Tweeter 1” beryllium dome

Internal Wiring Transparent Audio

Height 43.50″

Width 12.50″ (base)

Depth 20.00″ (base)

Weight 150 lbs. each

Frequency Response 28 – 30 KHz, -3dB

Nominal impedance 4 ohms

Sensitivity 87.5 dB SPL/2.83 v

Min. amplifier power 50 watts