The Takumi K-10 is our classic and multiple award winning line pre-amplifier.
Full balanced and unbalanced outputs of exceptional quality, mechanically switched inputs and a full mechanical attenuator built in the Robert Koda tradition are but a few of the design points.

The K-10 is the first pre-amplifier to include our ITC circuit and has won the hearts of many demanding music listeners for its shear ability to elevate the sound of the complete audio system into deep space territory.


The Takumi K-15 pre-amplifier is our flagship pre-amplifier and builds upon the technologies found in the acclaimed, award winning K-10. All together more sophisticated, refined and engaging, the Takumi K-15 is surely pre-amplifications ultimate form.


Contained in a triple chassis format, the Takumi K-70 is our flagship model and our vision of the ultimate amplifier. Incorporating vacuum tubes and transistors, this unit shares no similarity sonically or electrically to either technology. Instead, the K-70 reaches into the ether and delivers a sweeping sound of universal beauty and unbounded complexity.

At total weight of some 80 Kg’s the K-70 is surely one of the planet’s most substantial seventy watt amplifiers and across all spectrum of music, transducers and personal favor a sound of completeness, delicate yet dynamic, distant but close defines the K-70’s remarkable grandeur.


Based in Sizuoka,Japan, established as Robert Koda LLC in 2008.

The brand exists because they have something uniquely special and timeless to offer serious music lovers. Their values are one of truth in the spirit of music as in business. The customers are the commissioners of each amplifier and are therefore of great importance to us.

“The desire now to offer fellow music listeners the same complete listening
experience finally persuaded me to produce commercially available options –
the Robert Koda brand.”


While it is true that Robert worked under the guise of the legendary Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note (Kondo) Japan in Tokyo, Robert is actually self-trained and an independently motivated creator of audio electronics.
Interest and research into the interaction between technique and musical satisfaction began at the very early age of 12. While within the era of the transistor, ironically it was vacuum tube that first captured Robert’s attention.

It was a musical home from which Robert was raised, music and high-end audio always important. His mother and father’s purchasing of a new home would invariably involve the analysis of acoustic suitability of the main living room before further consideration.

More than 16 years experience in the field of high end audio distribution, retail, installation, servicing and all the contact available through this career with vast arrays of equipment of those times fueled a hounding sense that things could be done by him and be done right played a major role in his life and lead to the development of a system that by 2004 captured the results of this life long work.

Its architecture was both simple yet elegant and redefined the inherent structure of digital / analogue playback technique. To visiting audiophiles it yielded a propinquity to completeness not experienced before on replayed music. The system was deemed startling in its unique ability to transcend the sound of both transistor and vacuum tube – The amplifying devise.

Drawn from those works, refined, perfected and matured Robert Koda now offers a select few the opportunity to own and enjoy these hand crafted works of musical beauty.