State-of-the-art audio systems, selected and fine-tuned for excellent performance. All to serve your needs for personal experience. Amadeus Audio is founded on a passion for music. Ertugrul Dalkiran is a conservatory schooled musician, who plays the flute, piano and percussion. His search for the perfect audio system led to the opening of Villa Amadeus Audio, where music lovers and audiophiles can truly experience natural sound, magic and depths that live music has to offer. With various studios and a carefully selected collection of the best high-end systems available, Dalkiran’s music driven envisionment of the perfect audio system is now also available for you.


Ertugrul Dalkiran


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”

Ludwig van Beethoven


What to listen to?

“ I believe, that only perfect balanced compositions and performed music can move you into deeper emotions and thoughts. Music brought me in contact with many composers and artists. They became my heroes. I always tried to bring them alive and get them close as possible. Even if it was a reproduction, I wanted to relive those musical moments as genuine and perfect as technically possible. Why? Well, I think I developed my passion for high-end systems because of the need to live with my heroes. Technically perfect systems and layers nourished my passion for music even more. Music has dominated my life since childhood, and I have developed a taste for Classical Music, Opera, Jazz, Rock an various kinds of World Music. As a musician, I’m well acquainted with the timbre of a wide range of wind, string and percussion instruments, and I appreciate the live music experience of a symphony orchestra.”


Personal favorites

I would like to share the music I’m passionate about with you. A selection of some of my personal favorites is: Vladimir Horowitz, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Herbert von Karajan, Chick Corea, Ella Fitzgerald, Pink Floyd, Anouar Brahem and the Magnificent Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Maxim Vengerov – Solo recital



Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ‎– Sham Savere

(Folk, World & Country)


Richard Galliano ‎– Bach

(Jazz, Latin)


Ella Fitzgerald – Hello, Dolly!



Miles Davis – King of Blue





The first product bearing the Rockport Technologies name was introduced in 1991. This landmark product was the original Sirius Phonograph, which won instant international acclaim. Since then, Rockport Technologies has developed a family of benchmark production phonograph and loudspeaker systems, as well as custom transcription phonograph units for Sony/CBS.

Their products have won numerous awards for performance and innovation from the high end community, both domestically and abroad, and have routinely set the standard against which all others are judged.



While it is true that Robert worked under the guise of the legendary Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note (Kondo) Japan in Tokyo. Their brand exists because they have something uniquely special and timeless to offer for serious music lovers. Robert Koda’s values are one of truth in the spirit of music as in business. Its architecture was both simple yet elegant and redefined the inherent structure of digital / analogue playback technique.

To visiting audiophiles it yielded a propinquity to completeness not experienced before on replayed music. The system was deemed startling in its unique ability to transcend the sound of both transistor and vacuum tube – The amplifying devise. Drawn from those works, refined, perfected and matured Robert Koda now offers a select few the opportunity to own and enjoy these hand crafted works of musical beauty. Customers who are the commissioners of each amplifier and are therefore of great importance.


Amadeus Audio
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